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Jane Moore Academy of Ballet was created in 1987. Since then, the Academy has established an industry reputation for teaching excellence with students from the Academy regularly auditioning and being accepted into the Australian Ballet School.

Academy students have also successfully auditioned and performed professionally on stage and screen.  This talented group includes Jarrod Gabrielle & Molly Haringsma currently performing in the Melbourne production of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and past Jane Moore Academy student and current Guest Teacher Dena Kaplan who is currently co-starring in the successful ABC series ‘Dance Academy’.

Past and current Jane Moore students have also recently performed in The Production Company’s 2010 production of ‘The King & I’; in 2009 with The Australian Ballet  in Graeme Murphy’s ‘The Nutcracker – Clara’s Story’ ; Crown Casino’s 2009 Christmas Launch and in previous years, professional musicals including The Production Company’s 2008 show ‘Mame’ and Disney’s 2005 Australian production of ‘The Lion King’.

In addition to Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop classes, Core Strength and Acrobatic classes are also offered at the Academy. In 2011, Musical Theatre and Lyrical Jazz classes are also being offered for the first time.

Academy students undertake RAD Examinations; take part in Guest Teacher Extension Classes; prepare for Auditions; compete in Eisteddfods and Dance Competitions (solo / duos / trios / troupes) and also participate in the Annual Jane Moore Academy of Ballet Concerts.

2012 Achievements

2012 R.A.D. Grade Exam Results (August - Examiner Miss Debra Whitten)

A 100% pass rate.  82% passed with Distinction. 

The Academy’s students who achieved the top 3 marks were:

99% - JESSICA P (Primary)

98% - EMILY B (Grade 7), JESSICA P & TINA P (Grade 6), MOLLY F (Grade 5)

          HENRIETTA F (Grade 2)

97% - GRACE C (Primary) & LANA P (Grade 1)

The following students achieved 80% & above:

Primary:  (95% class passed with Distinction)

Jessica P (99%), Grace C (97%) Giselle C (95%) Oskar H & Olivia Y (94%)  Leila N & Bella O (93%) Ava W (91%) Isabella L (88%) Sienna S (86%)  Madeleine V (85%) Kirra I & Zara P (84%)  Freya H (82%)   

Grade One:  (82% class passed with distinction)

Lana P (97%) Alyssa M (94%) Isla McD (92%) Olivia W (91%) Helen C (89%) Michelle D (87%) Tiah B, Oriel C, Coco N & Ruby W (86%) Chloe C & Olivia G (85%) Eliza H & Isabella P (80%) 

Grade Two:  (73% class passed with distinction)

Henrietta F (98%) Emmanuelle F (92%) Lauren G & Jade L (82%) Mia O (81%) Isabella S (80%) 

Grade Three:  (47% class passed with distinction)

Abi R (88%) Amber S(87%) Hailey S (86%) Amelie F (80%)

Grade Four:  (92% class passed with distinction)

Gabriela P (95%) Caitlin I (94%) Molly H (92%) Erin J & Abi R (90%) Emma Holbrook (89%) Isabel McV (88%) Ellie B & Anna C (87%) Evie C & Zoe McF (86%) Ruby W (85%) Yuri N (82%) Lili F, Matiss L & Anna R (81%) Annabelle H-S (80%)

Grade Five:  (94% class passed with distinction)

Molly F (98%) Caitlin I (93%) Jessica L (91%) Ishka de S & Isabella W (89%) Maddison C & Madeleine W (86%) Lilli H (85%) Erin S & Stavroula V (83%) Isobel R (81%) Madeleine S (80%)

Grade Six:  (91% class passed with Distinction) 

Jessica P & Tina P (98%) Caitlin J (94%)  Joshua G (92%) Genevieve M (90%) Brittany C (87%) Aimee J & Madeleine S (86%) Madeline P (85%) Olivia B (81%)

Grade Seven:  (83% class passed with Distinction)

Emily B (98%) Anna M-Z (91%), Amber I (90%) Tanya V (88%) Monique F (87%) Elizabeth P (86%) Abbygail C & Elise Jacob (84%) Evangelia V (83%) Aoife B & Lucy M (81%)      

Grade Eight:  (86% class passed with Distinction) 

Sofia S (91%), Brianna A (90%), Kirsty-Lee E (88%) Colleen G & Jessie-Claire S (85%) Dulcie E (84%) Alexandra M-Z (80%) 


2012 R.A.D. Grade Awards (Sunday 16th September - Adjudicators Audrey Nicholls & Kirsty Martin)

Grade Three:   3rd - Holly S ($100)    HM - Amber & Hailey S

Grade Four:     2nd - Ellie B  ($125)   3rd - Abi R  ($100)

                           HM - Evie C, Lili F, Emma H & Zoe McF

Grade Five:      HM - Molly F & Isabella W

Grade Six:        1st - Jessica P ($250)   2nd- Tina P ($175)

                           Phyllis O’Donahue Artistry Award - Aimee J ($100)

                           HM - Genevieve M & Madeleine S

Grade Seven1st - Emily B ($275)   2nd- Amber I ($175)

Grade Eight:    1st - Brianna A ($275)   2nd - Sofia S ($175)   HM - Kirsty-Lee E

Audrey Nicholls Award for most potential of all students in all levels - Jessica P ($250) 

2012 R.A.D. Vocational Exam Results

A 100% pass rate. The Academy’s students who achieved the top 3 marks were:

99%  -  Tina P (Intermediate Foundation)

98%  -  Jessie H (Advanced 2)

97%  -  Jessie H (Advanced 1)

*Please note that Jessie qualified for the RAD Genee Award held in New Zealand Dec 2012, a very prestigious event.

Congratulations to all these students who took a vocational exam.

Intermediate Foundation:

Olivia B, Brittany C, Monique F, Aimee J, Caitlin J, Tina P, Jessica P &Madeleine S


Madelyn B, Emily B, Dulcie E, Colleen G & Joshua S

Advanced 1:

Jessie H, Kelsey H, Gabrielle M, Zoe M & Jade W

Advanced 2:

Natalie B, Jessie H, Allison R, Emma R & Emma S


2012 R.A.D. Kathleen Gorham Scholarships

Intermediate Foundation:   2nd - Tina P      3rd - Jessica P    HM - Aimee J  

Artistic Award - Caitlin J

Intermediate:   3rd - Emily B                

Advanced 1:  HM - Jade W     

Advanced 2 / Solo Seal:   2nd - Jessie H

2012 RAD Ballet Teacher's Workshop Audition Results

Section AA (6 - 7Years) 2nd Place Tiah B Gr 1

The following finalists will be required to perform a Classical Solo at the finals to be held later in the year. 

Section A (8 - 9 Years) Finalists Erin J - & Holly S 

Section B (10 - 11 Years) Finalist with HM Tina P & Semi-Finalist  Molly F

Section C (12 - 13 Years) 1st Place Emily B; Semi-Finalist Brianna A; Semi-Finalist Sophia S

Section D (14 - 15 Years) Semi-Finalist Jade W 

Mabel Pryde (16+) Finalist Amy de P; Finalist Allison R

2012 Eisteddfod Results

Fantastic results achieved. Many solos, special Awards, aggregates, troupes and teacher aggregate trophies were won. Congratulations to all children who competed in 2012 – Well done !!  For results CLICK HERE


Congratulations to all 2012 JMAB VET VCE Dance students - 100% pass rate!

Only 15 students in the state achieved over a score over 40 in Y12, two of whom were JMAB students.  Congratulations to Alison R Firbank Girls' Grammar / JMAB who achieved a score 48 and Natalie B Distance Ed / JMAB who achieved a score of 41.  Well done to former JMAB students Devon C Mornington SC who scored an incredible 50 and Jaimi McK Mornington SC / Joanne O'Kelly School of Dance

Congratulations Jessie Hamilton VCE TOP ACTS 2012 Season 

Jessie was one of the 30 performers chosen from more than 170 students who performed in the Top Class concert series.

Top Class is a series of concerts that presents work by VCE students from 2011 in Drama, Theatre Studies, Music Investigation, Music Performance, Music Style and Composition, Dance and VET Dance. Top Class is part of the VCE Season of Excellence 2012 which also includes Top Designs, Top Arts, Top Screen and Top Acts

Herald Sun 15 May says:

'Her dedication to dance has seen her master difficult techniques and also excel in the VCE last year at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

Hamilton, who is studying classical ballet at The Jane Moore Academy of Ballet, is one of 30 performers selected to perform in Top Acts

The show is the pinnacle of the annual VCE Season of Excellence, which is managed by the Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority.'


10 Years - Olivia B, Natalie B, Sarah C, Emily C, Dulcie E, Justine G, Anna M & Lil N

11 Years - Aoife B, Taylor C, Elizabeth P, Chloe R, Renee V & Tanya V

12 Years - Zoe M & Gabrielle M

13 Years - Elizabeth G, Alexandra M & Jessie Claire S

14 Years - Madison C

2012 Exciting Events - Former Students

Brittany Haws & Maddy Graham (former JMAB students) performed with The Royal NZ Company in 'Giselle'

Brooke McAuley performed with The Australian Ballet Company at the Sydney Opera House in 'Swan Lake'

Vanessa Morelli ( former JMAB student for 14 years including 2 years Full-time Ballet Program) auditioned successfully for The Queensland Ballet Company and starts her contract in 2013

Abigail Smith (former JMAB student, VCASS then WAPPA) has gained a place in The West Australian Ballet Company

Jessie Hamilton (former JMAB Full-time Program student) auditioned successfully for the 2013 intake of students into The Queensland Ballet Company professional Year 

Abigail Oliveiro (our 1st year Full-time Program student) completes her contract with the Australian Ballet Education Programme 'Out There' for 2012 whilst Amy de Paoli (Full-time Program student 2012) has auditioned successfully for the position in 2013.

Eloise Fryer (former JMAB student) currently performing with Australian Ballet Company

Mia Heathcote (former JMAB student currently at A. B. S.) graduates to Level 7 in 2013

Marcus Morelli & Sasha Moffatt (former JMAB studenst currently at A. B. S.) graduates to Level 8 in 2013

Brittany Haws, Maddy Graham & Brooke McAuley (former JMAB students) successfully graduated from A.B.S. in 2012

Dena Kaplan (former JMAB student / current JMAB Guest Teacher) re-cast in TV series 'Dance Academy' as Abigail.

Kassie Martin (former JMAB student) still under contract in 'Wicked' touring Asia.



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