Dancewear / Uniform

Classical Ballet Uniform

All Grade Classes up to Grade 6 must wear their Grade uniform to ballet weekdays and Saturdays

Leotards & Skirts

  • Pre-Junior, Junior, Pre-Primary & Primary – Pale pink, cotton-lycra, Russian-style leotard with narrow (shoe-string) strap and no sleeves can be purchased from Energetiks. Pink crossover and wrap skirt also from Energetiks. 
  • Grades 1 & 2 - White, Russian-style leotard and chiffon wrap skirt. Available only at Energetiks
  • Grades 3 & 4 - Pale Blue, Russian style leotard and chiffon wrap skirt. Available only at Energetiks
  • Grades 5 & 6 - NEW Pale Lilac, Russian-style leotard and chiffon wrap skirt Code CLO9 (L1L)Available only at Energetiks
  • Grade 7 & 8 - Navy Blue, Russian-style leotard and wrap skirt. Available only at Energetiks
  • Accessories - X-Overs, Legwarmers, All-overs - preferably matching leotard. NO LOOSE TOPS

Vocational / Open Classes Grade 7 +- Free choice of classical style leotard. 

  • Accessories - X-Overs, Legwarmers, All-overs - preferably matching leotard. NO LOOSE TOPS

Ballet Coaching Program

  • Level 1 White leotard from MDM
  • Level 2 MDM
  • Level 3 MDM
  • Level 4 MDM
  • Accessories - X-Overs, Legwarmers, All-overs - preferably matching leotard. NO LOOSE TOPS
  • Character - Black 3/4 sleeve leotard from BLOCH, black convertible tights and BLOCH SHOWSTOPPER cuban heeled, black leather character shoes. Character skirts provided by the Academy
  • Contemporary - Level leotard plus black tights
  • Personal Training - own gym wear and shoes
  • Pilates - own choice of clothing allowing free movement
  • Jazz / Lyrical - own choice of clothing with tan jazz shoes.  Knee pads are compulsory for lyrical classes.
  • Free-dress day - own choice of leotard and skirt

Boys Classical Uniform – white cap sleeve leotard or white T-Shirt plus Navy Blue Leggings or Shorts

RAD Classical Tights and socks

  • Girls must wear theatrical pink ballet tights or pink / white ankle socks. Bare feet or ¾ tights not allowed
  • Boys navy blue tights / shorts and white socks

Girls Classical Shoes

  • Pre-Junior and Junior leather ballet shoes with 1½ “ pink elastic
  • Grades 1 & above - Black canvas Character shoes are required. NOTE: Heel heights for Grades 1 & 2 = ½ “ and Grade 3 & above = 1”
  • Pre-Primary, Primary, Grades 1 - 8 – Pink, CANVAS ballet shoes with crossed over elastic (split soles preferred). Available from Capezio or MDM. (Your choice, but MDM recommended by the Academy).
  • Pointe shoes are worn from 12yo but students must not purchase them until instructed by Miss Jane
  • Intermediate upwards must wear demi-pointe shoes
  • Ribbons - Ribbons should not be full shine.  They should be matte. Available from SWAP Shop / Energetiks & BLOCH

Boys Classical Shoes (all levels) – white, leather shoes + ½ “white elastic

Theatrical Uniform (Jazz / Tap / Musical Theatre)

  • Body Wear - Free colour and style choice of leotard or fitted dance / crop top COMPULSORY. Loose T-shirts / tops / pants are not acceptable
  • Leg Wear - Full ¾ or short length dance pants may be worn 
  • Knee Pads - required for Lyrical classes Grade 4 and above. Knee pads are COMPULSORY.  Available from most dance-wear stockists or REBEL Sports.  No knee pads = no class.
  • Accessories - X-Overs, Legwarmers, All-overs- preferably matching leotard. NO LOOSE TOPS

Girls Theatrical Shoes

  • Tan tap shoes (please check heel height with teacher or specs on file at Energetiks). Tap shoes MUST FIT - DO NOT buy them a size bigger to allow for growing room.
  • Tan jazz shoes 'pull on' for all levels, split soles with elastic front or sides - your choice (but not laces). Energetiks 'budget' brand / other recognised brands are acceptable as long as they are not a high ankle cut.  Advanced students may require black jazz shoes for Eisteddfods.  (Your choice, but MDM recommended by the Academy).

Boys Theatrical Shoes

  • Black tap & jazz (elasticised, split sole jazz shoes).  (Your choice, but MDM jazz recommended by the Academy).

JMAB Jackets

  • Suitable to be worn at Eisteddfods and for warm up section of general classes however jackets are not to be worn after that. Available only at the Academy Shop

Hair & Grooming

  • All Classical and Theatrical students must wear their hair up in a neat bun, decorated with a ribbon / flower. No long / messy fringes or fashionable ‘boof’ styles permitted.  Jewellery is to be kept to a minimum for safety reasons.

JMAB Uniform Swap Shop

  • Second -  hand items available through the Academy Swap Shop 
  • For opening dates and times CLICK HERE
  • For Dancewear Stockists CLICK HERE 

If you are unsure about any uniform requirements, a full uniform list is on hand at JMAB Swap Shop / Energetiks / BLOCH

JMAB Uniform Swap Shop Policy

  • Second - hand items (clothing / shoes) left for sale in the Academy Shop left must be collected when a student leaves the Academy. It is the student's responsibility to collect all unsold items. Uncollected items will be donated to charity at the end of each term.
  • Only current uniform items may be sold 2nd hand via the Academy uniform shop

JMAB Uniform Policy

  • No Jeans, Denim, Dresses, Skirts, loose Tops or Street Attire is to be worn to ANY class. Violation of this rule will result in the non-participation of the student unless a reasonable excuse is provided
  • Knee pads must be worn in all Lyrical classes. No knee pads, no participation

Ballet Terms A-Z CLICK HERE


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